Control unit | SICMA-Control


Everything under control.


All technologies controlled by one unit
Different versions and equipment can be configured
IBIS interface, master-slave interface (other interfaces according to requirements)
32 x 122 pixels graphic display for pictograms, special characters or foreign characters (Japanese, Chinese etc.)
Simple operation via TED®plus destination editor and InfoTED® route editor

Many forms of technology, one control unit. SICMA Control combines all the functions required for the control of passenger information displays: Display control unit, line display controller, IBIS interface and master-slave technology. SICMA Control also complies with the latest developments of LAWO display technology: Many new-generation LAWO displays are equipped with mini electronics and can partially function „intelligent“. In connection with SICMA Control as master, these displays can then be used as slave display controllers.

Another feature is the flexible connectivity. Instead of having equipped it with all possible connections, SICMA Control can be configured according to your requirements and can be specifically integrated into your existing system or form part of a completely new system. This means that you only select the connections that you really need. Every device has the IBIS vehicle bus and the LAWO mono bus/alphabus (master-slave interface). A PC card slot is provided for rapid data updating.

SICMA Control is exactly big enough (or rather, small enough) to fit into the standardized radio slot. And operation is as simple as the assembly: a rear-lit display and ten keys are enough. SICMA Control, there is no better control available.

Detailed information about SICMA-Control available by calling: Tel. +49-7222-1001-0
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