LED color displays | PRISMA


Now you can show your true colors.


32k colors
Various text and background designs possible
Almost unlimited combinations with other displays possible
“Solar control” sunlight safety screen
Maintenance-free LEDs with long service life
Automatic brightness regulator

More colorful is not only more beautiful but also better: After all, colors in local public transportation are an important navigation aid for the passenger. Thanks to the PRISMA displays, this opportunity can also be used for the displays in buses and trains. Because PRISMA can be easily integrated into monochrome display systems and combined with other resolutions such as 24-dot LED, flipdot or LCD displays. In the 24 x 40 resolution with RGB color LEDs, PRISMA can show 32k colors and allows texts and backgrounds to be designed in numerous different ways.

A further benefit: the displays can be fitted with a “solar control” safety screen which reflects most of the sunlight. This prevents the LEDs from heating up even more, and increases their service life. Light sensors ensure that the display adapts to the ambient lighting conditions, and adjusts the brightness individually to the situation in question. And that’s not all: through the use of modern, powerful LEDs, the display is easily legible from a wide reading angle.

The display data are updated in the same way as in monochrome LAWO displays. The texts and pictures are created on the PC using the TED®plus software and then transferred to the on-board computer with a PCMCIA card.

Detailed information about LAWO PRISMA available from: Tel. +49-7222-1001-0
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