Quality policy

Our ultimate ambition is satisfied customers!

We want to fulfill the wishes and demands of our customers. The standards for our quality is always set by the customer. In addition to our products we provide services which offer our customers a technological advantage.

Error prevention before error correction!

Our quality objective is: error free products. Making a mistake or finding one, means discovering an error and is a chance to improve. Making the same mistake a second time means, to have learned nothing.

Quality improvement is the constant task for all employees!

All LAWO Informationssysteme GmbH employees are always to do responsible and quality-conscious work. The cooperation of all departments is needed. The continuous improvement of processes and information channels is a task for all employees.

There is no quality free area in our company!

It is not only the product quality but also the quality of services which counts. Reliability, punctuality and clarity apply to our internal processes too, each area is at the same time supplier and customer to other areas.

Quality guidelines are our rules of the game!

Our QM documentation appoints the rules for our cooperation. It is the responsibility of each employee to observe these.

Quality objectives

At least once a year the management develops and defines in collaboration with the persons responsible for the different departments of the company measurable quality objectives. At regular meetings the current status will be defined and documented. The results of these objectives flow into the annual assessment of the management system by the business management.

Our quality objectives may be multiple depending on requirements and circumstances:

• corporate objectives

• product-related objectives

• customer-related objectives

• superordinated objectivesiso_qualit_spotlightkba_spotlight
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